Mason Dixon Accountablility 2016

November 16, 2016


Good Afternoon,

At this morning’s state board of education meeting, school results for the new A-F School Accountability System were approved. Accountability systems are designed to provide parents and communities with an annual update to show how well students are learning and achieving.

With this new system, schools are awarded points based off of information that includes student performance on the end of year summative assessment, individual student improvement from the previous year’s assessment, and attendance.

Once all school scores were calculated, target scores were identified such that the following percentage of Elementary schools in West Virginia would be represented by each corresponding designation:

* 4% Distinctive Student Performance

* 19% Commendable Student Performance

* 54% Acceptable Student Performance

* 19% Unacceptable Student Performance

* 4% Lowest Student Performance

Based on the distribution of points and the target scores our school has been assigned the designation of Acceptable the letter grade associated with this language is a C.

Target Scores will not change for next year giving our school a clear aim of what we are working toward. Most importantly, we continue our dedication to making certain that all students are successful.

You can access more information about state accountability on the home page of the state department website -