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Student Absence Procedures

The following is an important academic announcement from our teachers and administration at Morgantown High School.

As we approach the halfway point of the first semester for the 2021-22 academic year, we want to provide a set of clear expectations for all students when absences occur.

It is our position that students who maintain an active role in their education set themselves up to be successful in life after graduation. Communication is a key component of being an active and successful learner.

We also understand that while regular attendance in school is encouraged and expected, situations can and do arise, particularly as we navigate Covid-19, that are out of student control. Keep in mind that it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to not only make arrangements to retrieve make-up work, but also to meet with their teachers to establish suitable due dates for any missed work.

All students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines should absences occur:

  1. Initiate contact with teachers through email or Schoology messaging when absent. Request information regarding any new assignments and materials that may be covered during an absence.
  2. Follow the expectations for make-up work established by teachers through a course syllabus or other method.
  3. Check each course on Schoology for announcements, updates, materials, and missing assignments. Follow up with questions as they arise.
  4. Follow through by completing and turning in all missing assignments within the timeframe established with teachers for each course.
  5. Check in with all teachers post absence to make arrangements for making up tests, quizzes, or other assessments which must be completed with teacher supervision.
  6. If your student is quarantined due to Covid, please refer to the link under the student tab for additional resources.